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How to Make Difficult Decisions

I have a hard time making difficult decisions. I am overly analytical and can spend hours, days, weeks and months analyzing a potential decision. So I came up with this outline to hopefully help me make a decision next time. I hope it helps you too! Please note the list below is catered towards myself. I imagine many of you couldn't care less about tarot, journaling or making art, take what you will from it. I also think I will add to it and change it over time.

How does each choice make you feel in your body? What is your gut telling you? - Be specific and sit with it for 10 min for each choice. - Be mindful and write down what you notice - Imagine you have to give an answer right this second, what comes pouring out? If at a stale mate. What would help you decide? - Is it feasible to do that? If yes, then do it. - If no, what can be done to make it feasible? Is the timeline truly not flexible? - No really, a choice has to be made now? - What if you wait to make the choice? - What are the repercussions? - Are they really that bad? - Can you at least take a day off from thinking about it at all? Do so if possible. Are you making this choice with sound body and mind? - If you are depressed, wait until you're not (if possible) - If other things are stressing you or up in the air, wait until it is resolved (if possible) Why are you contemplating this at all? - Are they your own reasons? - Will this make you happy or are you doing it for others? - Did something happen that makes you feel like you have to make a decision? - Are you black and white thinking it and letting emotions get carried away? Have you journaled (this can include a pro and con list) or talked about it with someone that usually helps you get clarity? - No? Then do it - Yes? Great job, did it help? Make some art - What came up in the process and product? Listen to your dreams - Pay attention to your dreams. What are they telling you? Tarot - What are the cards telling you? - How do they make you feel?

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